It's simple. Just dial (718) 775-3384 and sing your heart out.
Then, America votes and the best singer becomes the Phone Idol!


Q: What’s the point of this site?
A: To have fun singing into phones. Also, to test out the Twilio API and experiment with connecting the web and phones.  Find out more here.

Q: Isn’t this site infringing on trademarks of that other Idol thingy?
A: Probably, but this isn’t a big money operation; it’s just for fun. If they ask me to stop, I will.

Q: How did you make this?
A: By using the Twilio API, hooked into a WordPress instance, and using a few free plugins. More details are here.

Q: I think you should add _____, or, _____ isn’t fun enough as it is now.
A: Great! leave a comment on the Suggestions page.

Other questions?  Leave a comment below:

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